Terra Kons Agricultural Machine Developing and Market Researcher Office was established in 1992. From this form its current form, a designer-producer and a producer-commercial Ltd has developed.

The firm deals with designing and producing of agricultural machines (combinators, cultivators, plain discs).
The office is responsible for designing and producing these products, the Accord Trade Ltd deals with sales and marketing.

The high level of proficiency and involvement of the Owner of the Company in the production process provides high level quality proved by their clients’ satisfaction.

Own Patent

Their  patent is a soil trailing system and besides this their seed-harrow machine has a usage sample shelter too.


The firm

Its 120m2 workshop can be found in the premises of the firm at 21 Zöldfa street Kecel.
This business has permanent 5-6 employees but they have significant subcontracts too.

Our company can serve large and small retailers, and prepare the machines according to individual needs. The owner and the managing director pay a special attention to the post graduation of the recruitment.

Both the competitive price and the high quality made Terra Kombi machines so well known and admired.

The aim of the firm is to make its machines acquainted in abroad and launch them at foreign markets as well.