Exposition of the soil following


Hydraulic solution of surface soil following:

For making the machines suitable for transportation position there are 1-1 pc duplex hydraulic slave cylinder which close the wings.
These slave cylinders are also responsible for making the machine work ie opening the wings.
Moreover these slave cylinders have a very important role in the solution of soil following.


Mechanism of soil following:

When moving from transportation position into working position, namely during closing the wings, those are in a negative wing position compared to the frame midsection.



The alpha angle rate is between 3-5° set rate. During the production of the frame structure any angle rate can be set.

Dependingon the towin tractor’s hydraulic system there are two hydraulical settings needed:

I. set-up:

If there is a ’floating’ namely swimming position in the hydraulic structure. Such hydraulic system can be found int he case of modern tractors such as John Deere, Valmet etc.

After putting the machine into working position, namely after letting the wings down,
the frame makes a shape seen in the figure. Then we make the tractor’s hydraulic system into neutral position. This way the frame structure – if it is in a plain area – takes a horisontal position.

During work the wings independently from one another make the above positions - see in the figure – so they can perfectly follow the dissension of the soil.

II. set-up:

In the case of less modern Russian developed tractors such as - MTZ 50, MTZ 100  -compared to the above mentioned ones there is no opportunity to make a swimming position int he hydraulic system. There are only lifting, sinking and neutral positions there.

The hidraulic system:

We made the hydraulic swimming position of the machine in such a way that we open the no 5' double position faucet and through the no 7 cable we tie the two hydraulic circle. This way we can’t make the machine into a transportation position. In transporting position the no 5’ and no 5 faucets should be closed.




If the hydraulic system of the machine is wrong or worn it is advisable to cancel the tractor’s hydraulic system by deleting the hydraulic quick connectors in working position.

We put air-shutters into the hydraulic circle, responsible for closing the wings, the stub of the hydraulic cylinders whose borehole is 1-1,5 mm. The air-shutter is responsible for the flowing of the oil per unit time – although it is solved in the case of modern tractors.
You must not disassemble the air-shutter because it blocks the sudden fall of the wings in case of a torn hose-pipe while opening or closing them. 



Convex soil surface trailing


Concave soil surface trailing


Stage soil surface trailing