Towed disc harrows

Field of usage:

On bound, semi-bound, loose soil, and for working of the ploughing.

  • for making seed grain bed(first of all with the help of working cylinders)

  • for ploughing after harwest

  • for weed controlling

  • supplying the fields with chemicals, organic and artifical fertilizers

Technical description:

The disc harrows are produced in semi-heavy (O 560 plain disc), or heavy (O 610 plain disc) design, so they are suitable for cultivating bound soils.
The main structural element of the frame is the 2 pcs paralelly placed holder beams which are 100 x 100 x 8, or 100 x 120 x 6 mm closed coupon or usually 2 pcs closed coupons made from warmly rolled "U" 100 coupon. In this case above the wheelholder pillow a slavebeam makes the holder even stronger. The holders are tied with 4 pcs spreaders. The relatively strong, heavy enough and massive structural frame is produced by this way. 

The spreaders are tied separately in a length simetry with the lenghtholders whose role is important in suspension of the lines. Both sides of the lengthholders there are 2+2 pcs
100 x 80 (100) x 6 welded flappers shaped from closed coupons which are also responsible for suspension of disc lines. The left and right transportation structure’s pillowing is situated in the middle of the length holders (screwed). The tube which is lifting the flapper of the hydraulic cylinder is 090 x 8. The holders of the transpoting structure are made from 2 x U 100 coupons.

The size of the wheels is 10 x 15 and are situated out of the length holders. While lifting the hydraulic cylinder is in a closed position. It is an MTZ type great cylinder. The towing part is connected to the length holders with a sprung solution. The springs can be streched namely stiffen the towing structure. This structure can be fastened  so the spring can be deleted by the faucet.
The towing structure has a towin faucet solution but due to requirements it can be made in joint version put in a towing plate of a tractor. The towing structure can be variated compared to the symetric axle  with a screwed solution (M30 screws). Its function is to corrigate the drawing apart of the disc while setting the angle of the disc lines.

The suspension of the plain discs is done via 3 points by the help of M24 screws. The plain disc structure can be adjusted in acquired angles and sides.

At the end of the side sills bore sheets can be found. On these any subsequent working equipement ex. clod breaking cylinder can be suspended by screwing.


                                 TECHNOLOGICAL DATA


type: work width /m/ weigh
number of plain discs /pcs/ division of plain discs /mm/ offered engine /kw/
with O 560  plain disc:
KNT 2,8 2,8 1500 24 230 40
KNT 3,0 3,0 1570 26 230 40 - 50
KNT 3,2 3,2 1680 28 230 60 - 70
KNT 3,4 3,4 1750 30 230 60 - 80
KNT 3,6 3,6 1820 31 230 70 - 85
KNT 3,8 3,8 1850 32 230 75 - 90
KNT 4,0 4,0 1950 33 230 85 - 100
with O 610  plain disc:
KNT 2,8 2,8 1550 24 230 45
KNT 3,0 3,0 1600 26 230 50-60
KNT 3,2 3,2 1750 28 230 70-85