Common line space cultivator:

  • A strong porter beam frame made of warmly rolled 100"U" profile.

  • Big beam hight for cultivating well developed plants.

  • Hydraulically shut or towed making up may be produced  with a rigid beam according to individual demand.

  • It can be used as a frontal hang up hydraulically shut frontcultivator as well.



  • Garden hoes

  • Spring hoe cultivator parts

  • Row filling out hoes

  • Equipments suitable for introducing soil injectors into the soil + filling hoes 


  • Artifical fertilizer scatterer

  • Granulate scatterer (against maize bug)

  • Artificial fertilizer scatterer + granulate scatterer

  • It can be used as a common line space cultivator with high beam altitude, with scuffle or springy hoe cultivating elements complemented with row filling out hoes.

  • It can be transported either in towed or hydraulically closed wings position. Both modes can be found on one engine.

  • With granulate scatterer:
10 - 50 kg/ha
  • With a runny soil disinfective working :
150 - 500 kg/ha
  • With artifical fertilizer scatterer:
70 - 200 kg/ha
  • Two combinations are also available : ex. Granulate scatterer + artifical fertilizer scatterer.
  • Drive is provided by the soilwheel under the suspendable three point.
  • The soil disinfectants are put into the soil by the help of the caster pipes placed under the cutler or disc openings attached to the front of the cultivating members. Behind them there are mobile row filling out hoes. The openings can be adjusted in depth, angle and space.
  • The cultivator can be used with a common MTZ type tractor.


Some cultivators produced by our company:

 Rigid-hoed sweetcorn cultivator
Spring-hoed cultivator
6-line rigid-hoed cultivator
Sweetcorn line space cultivating spring-hoed cultivator
6-line rigid hoed hydraulic sweetcorn cultivator